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23rd June 2024 Sunday 3:55am
Receiving Imparja

Receiving Imparja Television

Imparja is broadcast to regional centres across the "Remote Central and Eastern Australia TV1" transmission licence area.  This digital signal carries logical channel numbers, 9 - Imparja, 99 - GO! and 90 - GEM. To receive this service, a standard digital capable TV or set top box is required.

In areas that are not serviced by a digital terrestrial signal, a digital satellite service carried on the VAST platform is available. This service requires an authorised VAST receiver, an activated decryption Smart Card and a Satellite dish to receive the signal, only equipment with an installation address within our transmission licence area can be authorised (Special authorisation for people in identified "Black Spots" in other viewing areas is also available on the VAST platform). Special VAST authorisation is also available for people travelling through our footprint area on a time limited basis.

The VAST platform carries all Imparja services, the services from the 10, 7, ABC, SBS networks, and assorted radio services available in the Remote Central and Eastern Australia footprint.

More information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page under Technical Questions.